Words/music James Gruft
Ó 2012 JHG MUSIC revised 2014
Of course you are,
Angry at the mess,
Looking for a job,
While your house is repossessed,
Running from your debts,
They’ve taken ‘way your deeds,
Big banks bailed by Washington,
Won’t give you what you need,
So who wants to hear me cry,
About who’s occupying who?
As the Corporations grow,
Little start-ups all go broke,
Once upon a time we planned,
To build communities,
We got addicted to TV,
And their writers stole our dreams,
Amazing world,
Behind it all,
Amazing world,
Let it fall,
Amazing world,
The karmic deal,
Only a Thief of hearts gets you off the Wheel. . .
The tides have come,
The ships are out at sea,
Will we all survive the warmth,
When the glaciers cease to be?
Freedom rings,
But the fallen fall behind,
And the trodden fail to rise,
And the losers lose their minds,
I knew at the top of the Green
Mountains in my bones,
Our communal plans were blown,
Had to go our ways alone,
Evening down on Bleecker Street,
Realized how lost I was,
What was I looking for?
In the dark I cried for more, 
Amazing world,
What do we know?
Amazing world,
Have to let it go,
Amazing world,
Prayed to the heavens, for my Friend,
Can’t buy or steal the journey’s end.